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Mentorship @ WiTCH

At WiTCH we understand that no matter where you are in your career that mentorship can be incredibly beneficial. So whether you are just starting in your career, starting your own company, or simply looking to put your experience to use, we have a mentorship solution for everyone.

With both individual and group options that are all provided completely free of charge and online meetups, we want to break down as many barriers as possible so that you are able to get the support that you need.

Mentorship Cohorts

Our mentorship cohorts are one-of-a kind group mentorship opportunity that bring people together around a common subject. These are a six month program that will see two mentors guide up to 8 mentees in meaningful discusions and support.  With new cohorts starting every three months, you can learn more about our cohorts register your intrest here. 

Individual Mentoring

We offer one-to-one mentorship that starts at any time. Use our platform to make the perfect match and set time commitments that work for you This is on demand mentorship that can be customised to suit you.  

Sign up here.

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  • What is mentoring?
    According to the University of Southampton “mentoring is a protected relationship which supports learning and experimentation and helps individuals develop their potential.” It is a supportive and structured relationship in which an experienced individual (mentor) offers guidance, advice, and knowledge to a less experienced person (mentee) to help them develop skills, knowledge, and personal or professional growth through regular communication and goal-oriented interaction.
  • Is mentoring right for me?
    Mentoring can be beneficial if you are seeking guidance, advice, and personalized support in your personal or professional growth. It is particularly suitable if you are open to learning from someone more experienced and are willing to commit time and effort to the mentoring relationship. Ultimately, whether mentoring is right for you depends on your goals, willingness to engage, and the availability of a suitable mentor.
  • How long does the mentorship program typically last?
    Our individual mentorships start for periods of 6 months if meeting monthly or 3 months if meeting bi-weekly. If it is not a good fit we can end the partnership early and help find new matches or if it is a great fit we can always extend for a further period of time. Our cohorts run for 6 months at a time.
  • What is the process for matching mentors and mentees?
    For our individual one-to-one mentorships both mentors and mentees will fill out a profile on our platform. This is then used to make suggestions for the best possible mentor/mentee match. The mentee will then ask to match and the mentor has teh option to accept or politely decline.
  • What qualifications or experience are required to be a mentor?
    We don't require any form experience or qualifications to be a mentor. Generally we ask that mentors should possess a strong knowledge base and expertise in the area they are mentoring in, have effective communication and coaching skills, and be committed to supporting the growth and development of their mentees.
  • Is being a mentee right for me?
    Are you looking to start a new career or reskill into a new industry? Are you looking to progress your career but not sure what steps you need to take? Do you need guidance with setting and achieving work-based goals? Are you looking to develop your leadership and management skills? Do you feel alone in your challenges at work and looking for someone to brainstorm with? Do you want to gain a specific skill like project management or public speaking but not sure where to start? Are you looking to grow your confidence and gain an ally in an industry which isn’t always on your side? If you answered yes to any of these, mentorship could be for you if you have the time and dedication to put towards the program.
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